Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wave-Coat Man pondered...

"...what if I had decently drawn hands and everything else?"
His TV lover sat quiet at his feet.


  1. his TV reminds me of the game device in adventure time xD

    Does his coat splash water if he turns quickly, or runs? (please say yes)

  2. If he were to lay down on a shamwow, would his coat disappear? If he were to go swimming, would his coat be gone?? So many questions!

  3. Zach: ummmm, I shall say...yes. I mean, it only makes sense, right?
    Danny: I never thought of that...maybe his opponents will try to use sponges against him. And if he ever went into the ocean, I imagine the sea critters that live in his coat (an octopus, and a cross-eyed fish), would try to escape to freedom, rendering the coat useless (cause they're scientifically magical and crap and power the coat, ahhh yeah).

  4. ...So evidently this guy's into BDSM since his TV lover is on a leash.