Thursday, December 30, 2010



John ... Madden

Why doesn't Photoshop...

...have an autoback/backup save feature? ;_;

So I worked 1-1.5 hrs on a doodle and the fucking electricity went off for half a second, just long enough that my computer completely shut off.  

Of course, I didn't save.  And then I was like, "...fuck it, I'm not redrawing it."  It was actually kinda good too. ;_;

So I decided to rage around in Painter 11.  And by "rage around" I mean playing around with snazzy sumi brushes.

And then the power shut off again.  I scavenged around for some candles, and lucky, my trusty Nintendo DS was charged so I drew this until the power came back on.  (The video's sped up naturally.  Power was out for 10-15 minutes in truth.)

And that's been my night.  Someone around here's still screwing around with the electricity 'cause it just keeps cutting off and coming back on, so I'm posting this quickly. =\  If I get any more doodles in tonight, I'll post 'em later.


I had a sickly weird dream last night where Courage the cowardly dog came to save me. It involved this irate woman.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Studying The Human Anatomy: Asstrocnomical Results

So I was doing a little anatomy research, and I came across the gastrocnemius. I saw a slight resemblance to my PRJ character. And I documented it.

Then, last night I had a long talk about why I hate baby pokemon and why the new pokemon look like robots and not animals. Anyways, my official favorite pokemon is Oddish.

[insert creative title]

Not very inspiring.  Been fighting a cold since yesterday.  I shouldn't be staring at a screen, with how bad I feel, but I am. =\


These were both done in within like 15 to 30 mins while the sky was being indecisive. I guess this is a sort of color study or something.

Kovats once suggested that I paint a sunset traditionally. As much as I would love to, I am pretty sure my brain would explode from trying to do so. Sunsets change too quickly.

(lol 69th post)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Sorry I haven't been posting. I told myself it was okay cause I have been working on some stuff for my brother. (Not a good excuse)

Anyway, I was inspired after I read about Rusalki and I had big plans for something, BUT this is turning out pretty hideous... so bleh, maybe not
I really need to start using picture references for things o.o;

kiwiwiwiwiwi (and lots of caps lock)

so, I discovered a game:
Ivy the Kiwi?


developer was all like, "Hey Kayla, do you like...CUTE THINGS?"
Me: Why, yes, yes I do actually.
Developer: And do you like...BIRD CRITTERS?
Me: Some bird species are among my favorite animals, so I shall say yes.
Developer: Do you like not having to pay very much money for things?
Me: That's always awesome.
Developer: And you you like video games that are PISS EASY CAUSE YOU'RE TERRIBLE AT THEM?
Me: Yes. I like where this is going.
Developer: Well then, do you happen to like...AWKWARD THINGS THAT WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE?
Me: LasfasdfKAJSD;FLKJASDF;LKJAasdfasdfasdfSDF;LKJ

Developer: Well...what if we...COMBINED ALL OF THE ABOVE?

(anyways, scuffy kiwi)

fiery gold.

lalalalalalala moar fanart.  This time of Matthew. C:

Edit:  Newer version is slightly less contrast-y, hopefully.  I am picky. 8C

Monday, December 27, 2010

quick pause.

If you are curious as to why I have suddenly died, it's because I've been playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn nonstop.  FFFFFFFF.  I've been waiting 6 years for Camelot to continue this game, don't judge me. ;_;

Isaac, who has taken several levels of badass in 30 years.

Expect more fanarting later~~ 8D 

Santa, Pastels, & 6 Packs

First one is a collab beween my lines and my 6 year old nephew's coloring. I was originally going to make it a zombie Santa, but he was like "SANTA'S NOT A ZAWMBIE!"

I also played with some poopy pastels cause I haven't touched pastels since highschool, and clearly I haven't improved since. No base structures, no lines, just puked some colors onto the paper.
Here's a quick anatomy painting I did from photo reference. I LOVE DRAWING PEOPLE.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

oh snap, cosmonaut.

Mikhail told me to draw him an cosmonaut and a train over the summer.
I never got around to it cause I'm stupid and lazy. But hey, would you look at that! A thumbnail!

I'm still not sure what style of spacesuit I wanna do...either a Yastreb suit, a Krechet-94, or an Orlan MK suit (these last two look similar, but MK looks like it has more tuuuuuuube-y stuff on it). I'm partial to the last two as I like EMU type suits the most, but I think a Yastreb suit could be interesting; I like the brief case thing.

Also, I learned how to link stuff. I'M AWESOME.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Or was there?

You bet your sweet ass there was a mouse, and he was stirring shit up like you wouldn't BELIEVE!

Merry Christmas Eve Everybody!

Cammy & ...Treachery

Another Street Fighter picture!

I also drew this picture to warn the fourth poster to beware of future events.

Line work takes forever.

Hey, it's that girl again.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wave-Coat Man pondered...

"...what if I had decently drawn hands and everything else?"
His TV lover sat quiet at his feet.

Above Me

Cause shes so HIIIIiiii II iiigh!

Just a swirly lady, as Danny would put it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Kayla, I drew this before I saw your blog post, I swear. Apparently we had lions on the mind.


lol lion riding a horse holding a snake xD

disproportionate lions

yeah. that was supposed to be a dood with a brief case down at the bottom. don't question it.
(this looked so cool in my head, oh my gawd. and then i scribbled it out, and yeah, not so much. DAT PERSPECTIVE, DEM PROPORTIONS.)

Neither of these are connected.

That's right.  I like cool old dudes.  Especially if they have a badass coat.  Man.  I seriously want his coat.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

sleeps sleeps sleeps

Effing oh my gawd, what is this, like 11 days behind?
I think I was in a mild sleep coma over the last few days; oh gawd, so much napping.



Special milkshakes for special people.

sup friends...and danny.
i just drew a picture of me and octodad having tons of fun together, what do you think?

(i'll update tonight with real sketches. OH GAWD, SO BEHIND)

Spinning Bird & TRON?!

So, played a lot of Street Fighter lately, so here's a picture of a lady doing a spinning bird kick! :D

AND thanks to Jenn, I remembered my favorite Tron: Legacy character and drew what I could remember.


Man, I am like a week and some change behind.  Combination of I went into hibernation over the weekend and my computer was doing virus/malware scans yesterday, rendering me useless the past few days.  Also, I'm cleaning my room. >:C  But whatever, time to catch up!

Done the night we saw Tron, but I didn't post it.  I just recall looking at the blog and seeing Danny's and Zach's bikini women drawings and I got stupid ideas.

Speedpaints done from photos I have lying around.  Each is probably no more than 15 min.

Five more doodles to make uppppp~

Monday, December 20, 2010


My friend posed for me graciously while I tried to figure out the weird under chin shape, it's so weird.

Makin up

Man, we all have failed. Lets try to catch up.

So a Shedim is what happens when God gets lazy I guess. *shrugs* He can has your daughters
And I have to admit I was drawn to Titivillus because 0f his name(lol), but I actually really like his purpose and description. I made it so he is supposed to have pen nibs for finger tips. I also wanted him to be all sewn up so he can't make mistakes himself, even though I don't think that is apart of his actual myth.

Fat Eric

Make-up picture for the 18th! Clearly, I'm gonna be the one to have to pressure you guys into drawing. I'll have another one up by tonight! Then probably two more tomorrow and I'll be caught up. This picture is of my cousin Fat Eric, who was clearly not naked when I drew him.

Friday, December 17, 2010

La playa

Danny wanted me to make a british lady to go with his asian one. So here she is.

Beach Goer

Something a little simpler since there's loads going on today.

Cue From VA Woolf

A little bit of Martha in this picture.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Of sorrow.

"For I am sorrow itself."

Deirdre of the Sorrows.

Tree PPL

This one is for Elle, cause I know she was dyin' for some tree titties.

wait- do you guys notice something odd about this picture? here let me zoom in.

I still can't make it out, let me zoom in more....

Still can't make it out, I am going to have to zoom in and enhance