Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swirling grey.

What's this?  I'm not the last person to post?!

Scribbled in 40 minutes.  This is why you should always use reference (hhhhgggnnnnnnn anatomyyyyy~).  Really tired and unmotivated today.  Help me decide who this lady should be!  I might paint her then.  :D


  1. She is the Wood Witch, guardian of the forbidden forest! Or... uh... Lia, the warrior cast aside because of her beliefs. Or Shennehne, the Seductress.

    Baw I think its pretty good for no reference. I would say that her legs might be a bit too long, but I think the torso was handled nicely.

  2. For some reason, I think of The Village when I see this, but it makes me think the girl's somewhat of a peaceful messenger all innocent in a world of ruin.

    And on anatomy, just make her head a little bigger, she's like 9 heads tall! The legs do seem long, but maybe she can be like Bayonetta.

  3. You guys are all small time.
    Okay, so it's a lady, right? OR IS IT?
    So it's a dude, or WAS a dude. But she had a sex change, and was able to feminize everything BUT her hands. So now she hides her manly hands in her hair cloak. And she had heels permanently welded to her feet.

    She is also a wizard. And a part of the Swedish Armed Forces.