Sunday, December 5, 2010

Arg! We be Sentai!

I know it's Sunday, but it's still Saturday for me. :V

So, amongst the many blogs that I follow, one fellow posted about the new Super Sentai (read Power Rangers) series.  They're pirates.


However, I decided that their costumes are boring.  FFFFF.  I mean, seriously, if you're doing to do pirates as a theme, I expect some pretty cool outfits that look pirate-y.  (I do think their masks/helmets are a good design though.)  If Red leader is going to be in charge of a mecha galleon, he better have a badass longcoat at the least.  SO I decided to do my own quick renditions.


  1. agreed that yours are better. I really like the pink one's design. And yeah, longcoats for sure.

  2. YES! Way more interesting. I'm quite fond of the pink ranger.

  3. I too like the pink ranger.
    (oh my gawd Jenn, you had us so worried! BUT YOU CAME THROUGH, JENN, YOU CAME THROUGH.)