Friday, January 7, 2011

This post is rather dull. And wordy.

SO in my plot to somehow allow Jimbo to let me to do what the fuck I want for PRJ class, I decided that it would probably behoove me to do some sort of turnaround sheet for my little armoured lady to show that I'm not going to be floundering around for a few weeks trying to figure things out that I should already figured out.  It would also give me a chance to, y'know, finalize her design and not have it some ambiguous blobby mess on which to based my model on.

Now, modeling turnaround sheets are a pain in the ass because there's nothing artistic about them.  They're meant to lay out the design and ensure that whoever's modeling the character doesn't decide to take some artistic liberty and screw the design up.  And it irked me, because the past characters I've done turnaround sheets for are nothing close to what I need for my character and I grumbled about having to make a new one.  And I've mentioned they're a pain in the ass, yes?  AND TAKE TIME?

Suddenly, I was like, SELF.  Why don't you make a generic, fairly anatomically accurate human turnaround sheet that you can PULL UP EVERY TIME you need to make a humanoid character?  FFFFFFF EPIPHANY.

And then I spent like three hours making this thing lol.

But since I did it, YOU don't have to!  Because I'm making this available to you guys.  Cuz I care.  Save it off, and trash it to your heart's content.  If you're clever with the Free Transform tool, the things you can do are boundless.  I'll probably do a male one later so I can have both genders lol. 8)


Anyways, I probably shouldn't post this, but it's more artistic than stupid turnaround sheet.


    I love you forever and always.
    I saw the thumbnail and was like HURR DURR OCTOPUS and then I opened up the pic and was like WAIT. TV? UNDERWATER? Then I became really REALLY HAPPY.
    PPS: I would also like to thank you for generic turn around woman.

  2. I love your women's butts! They are very pretty, and I will hold them and compare my butts to your butts. Then I'll ask myself, "What would Jenn do?" She would make better butts.

    AND YES!!! You stripped wavecoat man of his wavecoat, rendering him to just be a man surrounded by things.