Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've no idea.

FFFFFFF this post is gonna be full of gay. :|

So like, I got my The Art of Tangled book last night and naturally I've had my nose buried in it.  Goddamnit.  Glen Keane inspires my inspiration to go punch bears in the woods and level up asdfGHJKLINEQUALITY.

None of that is in this post.

I find the concept sketches of Flynn (Bastion at that time) to be highly amusing.  He was like, some sort of Sinbad/Prince of Persia/Arabic thief.  Also, he totally looked like a manslut (I like that there's sketches debating how much manchest to show lol). :|  So naturally I decided to bastardized it further plus 120% more animu...

Anyways, this was my sketch from yesterday, before I got distracted by beautiful arts.


...I'm actually starting to enjoy my artwork/drawing again.  I'm creating ridiculously stupid art, but I'm having fun again.  Weird huh?


  1. I also find that the more ridiculous the picture, the more fun it is. I guess since I know the picture's stupid to begin with, I don't tend to worry about about anatomy, color, composition and what not and just focus on having fun. Plus, you can always go back and fix that stuff if you decide it's worth it.
    You probably just died a little reading that, but just my thoughts.

    (Or if has an octopus in it, that usually makes it pretty fun to draw.)

  2. No, I get where you're coming from. I guess with school and all the "THIS NEEDS TO BE AWESOME/ORIGINAL/PORTFOLIO QUALITY/ETC. OR YOU'LL NEVER GET A JOB" I just never have to chance to let loose anymore because I feel like I have to make everything I do count towards something. With all the fanart I've been pumping art, I'm actually having the chance to do that again and not care what anyone says.

    Octopi are indeed a source of much fun.