Monday, February 28, 2011

Misc. doodlings.

Sorry guys, PRJ and ZBrush class have been/are eating away at my life.  And I've been too lazy to post because I don't have much to show.  But here!  Have something anyways.

Something for a eventual painting hopefully, when I have time.

Practice.  I don't draw people sitting/laying down/resting often.  Dismal.


What I do a lot of in my notes/sketchbooks.  How original!

WIP of this painting.  Messy painting is messy and needs to be cleaned up.


Forgot about this one!  Rough concepts of one of the characters for senior film project. :D


  1. I like those gestures a lot.

    Outta those girls, I like the first one, but I guess it could depend on the story.

  2. For the senior project, idk what the story is, but the second one is adorable.