Wednesday, March 2, 2011

As I procrastinate...

Sketchy little something that began on a whim, and got out of hand.  Meant to post yesterday, but I didn't finish it.  Maybe I will tonight.

Also this.

I feel really odd asking for likes when I'm not even on Facebook.  Actually, I just feel odd whoring myself out in general (i.e. "self promotion").  If no one likes my piece I won't be offended really, lol.


  1. I like the fluffiness of his cape thing. Why's he so sad? :(

    Me and Kayla just signed up for some of the events for the festival.

  2. Hey...hey Jenn, I 'liked' your picture.
    I think you should get a Facebook in exchange for my 'like'.

    You know it's true.